Your Architect

Piscine extérieure d'une villa


Simply because the way you live and your taste are unique.

Our role is primarily to listen to you.

We will understand your needs, your taste, the way you live, the possible extension of your family and, subsequently, help you define your project.

The internal layout, the optimum use of space, the organisations of the volumes, the external aspect will mainly emerge from this consideration etc.

We do not sale ready-made solutions or standard plans but we will tailor the project around your taste and specific requirements.

We will adapt the project to suit your budget.
The building is a one-off prototype built for you.
The place you live in will be as unique as the way you live.

Blue always provide three dimensional photo-realistic images of your project so that you can thoroughly appreciate the scheme.

Virtual walk-throughs and site integration are also possible. Therefore, you will know exactly how your building feels and looks long before the first brick is laid !

After you have agreed the drawings and perspectives, we will proceed to the administrative task of your planning application.

We will organise the planning application and obtain all necessary administrative forms.

We will consult the technical services of the city council, and defend your interest in accordance with the administrative authorities.

Then, the program, the cost and the schedule of the works are clearly defined.

During the works, we will defend your interests against the contractors so that you benefit from a high quality construction at the best possible price.

We will follow the works to make sure the contractors build everything according to the plans you approved and that they respect both the quality and the schedule of the works.

Because you know that the cost of maintenance highly depends on the quality of the design and of the works, we will optimize the building in consideration of the climate and the local resources.

This will affect the orientation of the building, its integration in its surrounding environment, the construction techniques, the choice of materials, the type of heating system etc.

The building economics integrate not only the construction but also the long-term maintenance and energy costs.


As six years of study encompassing design, engineering, construction techniques, law and project management are necessary to obtain the diploma, you know that your architect is a thoroughly qualified professional who can get the best out of your site, in consideration of your taste and requirements, whilst respecting the environment and urban regulations.

"Architect" is a protected title and only the chartered architects, registered to the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes, are entitled to use the title and undertake architectural services.

He also continuously update his knowledge through a Continuous Professional Development Program.

Your architect is bound to a contract, "contrat d'architecte", which specifies his exact mission and duties. This contract is compulsory.

Your architect benefits from a solid professional insurance which covers his professional work, damage to third party, 10-year damage insurance to the building.

Your architect has a duty of advice:

• Conception. He must inform you on the feasibility of the scheme, the quality of the ground, the potential weakness of existing building, the potential over-cost of your project, the possible damages to your neighbourhood, etc.

• Construction. The architect must advise you on the best possible contractors, on the quality and characteristics of the materials etc.

• Handover. It's his duty to point out all visible errors or dysfunction.

It's clear that, on each project, the architect engages his responsibility and his reputation.

Therefore it is in his interest to obtain your satisfaction: your building and yourself will be his best possible publicity.


The architectural fees are not regulated.

They mainly depend on the cost of the works, its complexity and the extent of the architectural mission.

However, for a full mission, conception to completion the fees tend to be around 9% to 12% of the cost of the works.

The negociated "contrat d'architecte" clearly define the architectural fees.

It's important to keep in mind that the question is not "how much does the architect cost? but "how much is he worth to my project?".

The architect will organize the tender, ensuring you get the best possible value for money contractors and materials, he will make sure the construction techniques are up to standard, hence guaranteeing that the construction will last.

He will also optimize energy use and make his design choices in consideration of long-term maintenance cost, another guarantee of a well-thought energy-efficient building which will save you money over the years.

Thanks to its unique design and the stamp of a competent architect, your building gains a design added value which can play a major role in increasing the re-sale price.