Case study

House Lewis

Our Challenge

The house of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis is a modern 70s house built in the Esterel. Following a fire the house was derelict. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis looked for a perfectly bilingual architect to assist them and restore their home to its original chic with a more contemporary touch.

BLUE Architecture assisted the clients, first as an expert, to measure the extent of the damage, to evaluate the reconstruction costs and envisage possible improvements.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis managed to turn this tragedy into opportunity. They commissioned BLUE Architecture to carry out a complete rehabilitation and extension, a full restyling of the interiors, the redevelopment of the pool area, and the addition of a new garage.

After listening carefully to customer expectations, BLUE assisted Mr. and Mrs. Lewis in formulating the design brief. BLUE then proposed several 3-dimensional sketches for the whole architectural scheme.

BLUE anticipated the administrative constraints and designed the building permit file. In order to improve the chances of success, BLUE also maintained permanent communication with the administration so as to provide all necessary details until approval of the permit.


BLUE proposed the engineers and quantity surveyor to put together the technical drawings and specification for the building. BLUE then coordinated the building professionals to ensure the complete coherence of the project.

The call for tenders has ensured the best possible value for money for a detailed and coherent project.

After the appointment of the builders, BLUE supervised the works, checked the quality of the services by weekly site visits, wrote the progress reports of the site, checked the monthly valuations of the companies, communicated intensely with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis to inform them of the progress of the works, and also BLUE integrated the changes and additional work that the client wished.